Architecture analysis and design

Thanks to our extensive experience with “on-premise”, public, private or hybrid cloud we can help you make the right architectural choices for your project.

Full cloud infrastructure management

In today’s complex IT and cloud ecosystem managing IT projects and solutions is getting more and more sophisticated and demanding. We have an extremely dedicated teams of devops and sysadmins to make everything works efficiently and smoothly.

Devops services

We are fanatical about best practices and automation and efficiency. We are Puppet and Chef experts and we build our solutions with “one-click” single architecture deployment. Thanks to that we are extremely fast and agile.

Helpful 24x7x365 support

We make sure that each member of our team has a deep knowledge and understanding of our customers and their projects. They take a very pro-active approach to avoid problems and keep your systems running 24x7x365

Elastic and scalable solutions

Forget about provisioning and nightmare delays. Thanks to autoscaling and pay per use model you can improve responsiveness and reliability under high loads while greatly improving cost efficiency.

Big Data and HPC solutions

Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Elastic Map Reduce, spot instances, etc. We have a dedicated Big Data team that can help you unlock the power of Big Data for your organization.

Disaster Recovery solutions

You have no excuse!! Thanks to our advanced usage of cloud computing and pay per use model we can offer you extremely cost-effective solutions that would be impossible with more traditional on-premise solutions.

NoSQL solutions

Cassandra? Redis? MongoDB? DynamoDB? Riak? Any other? Our NoSQL team will take care of managing and configuring your database and keep it running and smoothly. We can also help you with database design and identifying performance problems.